The ZOVB ball speaks:


A lot of people say different things about me, but let me speak for myself.  I am a gigantic, inflatable sphere that stands about 3 metres tall and I am composed of two transparent, heavy-gauge, welded TPU skins (about 8mm in thickness).  My thick outer skin supports my 'floating' inner skin with lots of nylon cords that stretch 360 degrees around.  Just imagine in your head a 'Bubble within a Bubble' design; but don't confuse my astute construction to that of a real bubble.

So, for those out there who don't already know about me... What is it exactly that you do with me?  It's easy! Follow the steps below:

Step 1 If you're staying in Singapore, find out where and when we operate by emailing us at
Step 2 Find a suitable slopey or flat grassy ground location
("Suitable" does not translate into cliffside!) 
Step 3 Inflate me with an air pump.


Step 4

Step 5


Find a partner to ride with. 

Pair up inside me.  



How do you get
inside me?


No problem!  Somewhere on my exterior skin, you will find a two-foot hole wide enough for two able-bodied riders to enter.  After you crawl inward about two feet and reach the inner skin, you will find:

1) two separate harnesses facing one another

2) lots of water

3) just you and your buddy

Harnesses keep the riders in place while they are in motion; buckets of water create lots of fun with a combination of a water slide and roller-coaster (hydro-ZOVBing); and if its just you and your buddy, be ready for lots of co-ordination and co-operation while you manoeuvre the ball.

BEWARE!! You might notice the fear in your partners eyes because that might send jitters down your spine.  Let's not beat around the bush, fear is contagious right?  Oh yeah...Then get your roll on!!!



Wait a second! I forgot to mention one last thing:

(a little tidbit of advice!) 

Step 6
Right before you take the plunge, ask your partner to join you in a brief moment of silence.  Once it's quiet, reflect back in your life to the single most adrenaline charging ride you've been on prior to this ZOVB experience.  Hold on to that last thought and ready, get set, ROLL!!!
You'll understand the significance of Step 6 after the ride is over!

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